Hydraulic Chain Saw

The grapple saw is a chainsaw attachment for log grapples.  Rugged and versatile this attachment can slice through multiple or large logs within the grapple’s grasp. By quickly repositioning the grapple and operation of the saw, at the end of a crane, skid steer, or excavator, timber jobs can be completed quickly, efficiently, and with increased operator safety.

The saw portion is composed of the chain, pinion, and Harvester blade.  The machine has a quick mechanical tensioner that allows for ease of function, while slicing through the load. The saw travels the opening of the grapple, meaning what the grapple can hold, the saw can cut, within its maximum operating diameter.  All saws come with a 0.32 gallon chain oil tank.

Three sizes of hydraulic chain saws are available.  The chain saws work off of two lines, an in and an out.  They are low flow saws making them suitable for skid steer and excavators. All three models have adjustable flow and return speed.

Optional three line hydraulic set ups available.  Please refer to our technical page for more information regarding two and three line hydraulic systems.

 Saw Size Max Cut Dia Weight Min Oil Flow Max Pressure
MS 400 15.75” 105 lbs 15 gpm 3600 psi
MS 500 19.70” 140 lbs 20 gpm 3600 psi
MS 750 29.55” 155 lbs 35 gpm 4300 psi