Rotating Hook- HK
Rotating Hook- HK

Rotating Hook- HK

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Crane mountable hook to a hydraulic rotator (sold separately). All rotator castings are manufactured in Europe to assure quality control. Rotator wings are made with special hardened steel and machined to a high tolerance. Rotator shafts are machined using high strength steel to within .01 inch. Hot forged hooks made in Italy to assure full strength throughout their life.

 Measure HK 35/59 HK 50/69

Weight lbs

18.74 22.05
Capacity lbs 7715 11020
A inches 6.57 6.57
B inches 1.81 2.28
C inches 1.89 2.28
E inches 3.86 3.86
F inches 2.32 2.72
G inches 1.18 1.18
H inches 8.86 10.43